Episode 35: Engaging Stakeholders by Addressing ALL Their Motivations with Eric Magers from Seaside Sustainability and STEM Honor Society

My guest today is Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability and the Founder and CEO of the National STEM Honor Society. (I think it’s fair to say that he has A LOT going on.)

Eric focuses on creating multiple ways for people to “get into” these organizations and give. By tapping into multiple motivations—like training, accreditation, and philanthropic behavior— and weaving them together, you can make it easier for people to get excited and become more directly engaged. This will enhance your ability to bring people in and stay financially healthy.

Eric and I had a great conversation that focused on exactly how his organization layers both motivations and revenue streams. We also discussed how to leverage virtual opportunities to expand outreach and engage stakeholders.

And, like Relish Studio, both of Eric’s organizations are part of the 1% for the Planet program. It is always great to chat with like-minded leaders who are also interested in improving the climate!

Hope you enjoy!

Seaside Sustainability
National STEM Honor Society

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