Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life with David Shurna From No Barriers

Here’s a question that most of us don’t take time to ask: Are you living your best life?

On this week’s episode, I talked with David Shurna, one of the Co-Founders of NoBarriers, a nonprofit organization that helps people of all types do exactly that — live their best lives.

They have an incredible process that discusses how to have resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

David is a great podcaster in his own right and just recently finished his 100th podcast episode, so it was great to have him on the show and discuss his mission, podcasting, and some of what he has learned over the tenure of his show.

We talked about story-building and how to leverage the materials you create across a variety of channels to expand your reach and diversify income streams. This is an area in which many organizations struggle, so this episode is definitely worth a listen if you are seeking to expand your reach and evolve your approach to life.

David also recently finished up a book, What’s Within You, which I read shortly after our podcast. It’s jam-packed with great insights and information on ways you can reframe the way you approach all aspects of your life. I highly recommend it!

Enjoy the show.


Buy the book “What’s Within You” and follow its practices.