Episode 32: Creating Opportunities To Always Give A Little More With Peter Downing From Suffer Better

Is there a way that you can give a little extra today?

My guest on today’s episode is Peter Downing, the Founder of Suffer Better.

Suffer Better inspires athletes to give their all (plus a bit more through charitable contributions and volunteer time).

On the call we discussed a simple idea that can pay big benefits for nonprofits—giving stakeholders multiple ways to participate. Suffer Better does this by putting on races, selling merchandise, providing volunteer opportunities, encouraging special engagement and outreach with elected officials, and offering a variety of donation options.

Another topic of conversation centered around “tangential targeting:” creating ways to engage with audiences who care about similar organizations but who may only be tangential to yours. Outreach to these groups provides a mechanism by which you can reach your targets through an intermediary, which often can be a more powerful connector than a traditional, direct approach.

Peter and I both are involved with The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance and 1% For the Planet, so we are very aligned in our focus on the outdoors and the environment. Our shared mission to give back made for a fun discussion detailing how those objectives align in his work and the events that Suffer Better promotes.

I always enjoy talking with Peter, and I think you are going to love this episode.

Suffer Better
Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance

Come run/ride in an event and pick up trash, follow the rules, and treat the outdoors with respect.