Episode 27: Overcoming Your Nonprofit’s Legal Hurdles with Christian LeFer from Instant NonProfit

As you surely know, starting a nonprofit can be challenging.

Nonprofit leaders usually find themselves with way too much to do—and too little time and expertise to tackle every detail.

That would be frustrating at the best of times, but even more so when you just want to get your organization up and running so you can start doing good for the world.

That’s why my guest today, Christian LeFer, created Instant Nonprofit. His business helps those creating and working within the nonprofit space overcome legal hurdles so they can stay focused on running their organizations.

As you might imagine, we talk a lot about the challenges associated with wearing too many hats as a leader, and about offloading the items that someone else can capably take care of. (And yes, if you’re curious, Instant Nonprofit has a host of valuable resources available to take things off your plate—from filing your paperwork to streamlining your Board meetings.)

On top of all that, Christian is just a really great guy and a great conversationalist! Hope you get a lot out of this episode.


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