Optimizing Your SEO While Navigating the Link Building Jungle

Generally speaking, optimizing your digital marketing is relatively straightforward. Find best practices, apply them to your individual business and audience, and watch your online success take off. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Enter link building, a crucial part of search engine optimization that’s anything but straightforward. Depending on which experts you listen to, having a … Continued

10 Tips For How to Get Traffic to Your Website

If a business builds a website, but no one is around to see it or hear it, then does that site actually exist? Yes, obviously, but if a business sinks a lot of money, time, and effort into building a website that no one is coming to, it has bigger problems than debating philosophy. Internet … Continued

How SEO Can Help Your SaaS Business Succeed and Become an Authority

SEO is essential for getting your business found online. Even if you have an online SaaS business and you show up #1 in searches for your company name, you still need to advertise so people know you exist. Number one for Acme Data Analysis is a great first step (i.e. just having a website), but that shouldn’t … Continued

Ways to lower your website bounce rate

Examining Your Website’s Bounce Rate, and 4 Ways to Lower it

  When you analyze or read about digital marketing, you will inevitably come across the topic of website ‘bounce rate’ at some point. In many ways, it’s the bogeyman of marketing metrics: whereas KPIs like traffic and conversion rate generally measure the positive impact of your marketing efforts, bounce rate is undoubtedly negative. The higher … Continued

Rock on the beach - metaphor for cornerstone content

Cornerstone Content: How to Create More of It for Your Website

Cornerstone content is the essential, indispensable and in-depth content every high-quality site needs. In addition to helping your site rank well, cornerstone content also helps provide value to your readers and establishes you as an authority in your industry. While this content strategy is important, it’s not that difficult to create. If you’re new to establishing pages … Continued

Long-tail Keywords

Top 3 Reasons Why Long-Tail Keywords Need to Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a key part of inbound marketing. Optimizing your content around popular keywords can help bring in traffic from search engines. In this post, we’ll take a look a particular type of keywords: long-tail keywords. These highly specific keywords bring benefits that shorter, simpler terms can’t match. Here are three great reasons … Continued

Outdated websites need upgrades for mobile friendly and SEO.

Ask a Web Developer: Do I Need to Invest in My Local Business Website?

If you run a business that needs no customers, you can stop reading (and email me what that wonderful, magical business is). Or if your local business already has a highly tuned online presence and is killing it for local search, you can stop reading (and email me your URL – if you’re that good at … Continued

How Google Search Works

Last week, Google shared that it’s employing an artificial intelligence system, nicknamed RankBrain, in a very large fraction of the search queries people use to find things on the web. You can read about that announcement in this Bloomberg article. What we found even more intriguing was this Search Engine Land article that discusses the announcement and provides a great, high-level overview of the many software systems in place that influence how Google’s search works.

Ask a Web Developer: Get a Quick Snapshot of Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics is an awesome reporting tool to track website traffic performance and it offers a lot of data one needs to analyze almost every aspect of one’s traffic and website visitor information. The only cost of entry is setting up a free Analytics account and adding the JavaScript tracking code to your website. But unless you’ve spent a lot … Continued

Digital Agency Guide: How to Convert Web Traffic into Leads

Your Guide to Transforming Web Traffic into Leads

Are you responsible for your company’s digital marketing efforts? Maybe you own your own business and, like all busy entrepreneurs or marketing managers, you just can’t find the time to crank out social media posts, blog content, or even consider running an SEO campaign on your own. We like to call this “wearing too many hats” … Continued