Episode 30: Mission Uncomfortable Book Announcement with Stu from Relish Studio

This week on a special episode of Relish This, Relish Studio’s marketing expert, James Lopez takes the reins…

To chat with Stu about his new book!

Mission Uncomfortable: How nonprofits can embrace purpose-driven marketing to survive and thrive has been in the works for a while—

And Stu is beyond proud that it’s finally here and ready to share with you.

Mission Uncomfortable is packed full of useful information and tools that nonprofits like yours (and purpose-driven for-profit businesses too!) can use to grow your audience and help build stronger relationships with all of your stakeholders.

In today’s conversation, Stu and James review the book and talk about the audience engagement cycle, and how you can use it to think about your own audience.

They discuss marketing as an investment you make to expand your mission, rather than an expense you spend on frivolous communication.

And they also talk about ways to move a new stakeholder from initial interest in your non-profit to becoming an inspired, lifelong champion for your organization.

This was a fantastic conversation and Stu and James had a great time discussing the book.


Download your FREE copy of Mission Uncomfortable and learn how to improve your nonprofit marketing today.