Episode 26: Leveraging and Repurposing to Get The Most Out of Your Assets with Francie Saunders of Ubiquitous Empowerment

Are you getting everything you can out of the materials you produce?

On today’s show, I had a fun conversation with Francie Saunders, one of the founders of Ubiquitous Empowerment. They’re an up-and-coming organization focused on helping under-served youth communities live happier, healthier lives through increased access to sexual health education and services.

The bulk of our conversation centered around all of the momentum Ubiquitous Empowerment built on social during their research phase—and how to leverage and repurpose the materials they create to get the most out of every asset.

We also discussed ways to leverage their reach and ability to serve online to help their fundraising efforts.

Francie is great, and the insights we uncovered are valuable. I hope you enjoy the show!




Think about reproductive health and how it has affected you throughout your life. Then talk about it with others to help normalize conversations.