Strategy and Planning Services

Your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to work.

To make sure that’s the case, we’ll establish goals that are clear and measurable. We’ll assess the effectiveness of your existing online presence, and then get an idea of how things are working with your website. This will give us benchmarks for our efforts.

At the end of our research, we’ll have a clear plan—one that includes industry analysis and complete buyer personas.

This plan will be the foundation for all creative design and content development—and for a strategy that works.

The Anatomy of a Proven Marketing Strategy

Our strategy process generally spans 30 – 45 days and usually comprises:


Clear and measurable goals will be created and agreed upon so the whole team is on the same page, and so we all have identified benchmarks to measure our progress.


No business is a carbon copy of any other, and no element of yours should be taken for granted. Your business and your industry will be the focus of a block of research from which we’ll build a plan that focuses on your core customer.

Buyer persona development

Using information we’ve gathered to this point, we’ll create buyer stories to help shape future design and content efforts.

Content and SEO audits

Next, we’ll audit your online properties and your content to make sure everything is in alignment with your goals and target audience. This part of the process will include keyword research to determine which search phrases are most important to your marketing efforts. These keywords will likely later drive our strategy; we’ll also use them track the performance of your on- and off-site content.

Tactical planning

Getting the word out about your newly remarkable online presence is a cornerstone of a solid digital marketing strategy. We’ll help plan email templates, landing pages, and develop a blog post and social media calendar so your content marketing will be ready to for prime-time. Emails, landing pages, blogs, social media—it’s all here.

If that seems like a lot when all you wanted was a new site, that’s understandable. But the truth is you’ll need to do this planning if you want your website to be effective.

Give us 6 weeks and we’ll give you the tools for success.