RTNP 70 | Paid Search

Episode 70: Leveraging Paid Search For Nonprofits With Kurt Filla

  Whether you run a nonprofit or for-profit organization, paid search is going to be one of the main marketing ecosystem pillars you should consider to get “instant on” traffic sources to your offerings. That being said, running a successful paid search campaign requires some planning and know-how to make sure you get the most … Continued

Episode 68: The Market Of Building Business Relationships On Amazon With Keith Hartnett

  Marketing is all about relationship-building. The most valuable relationships are measured by their quality vs. their quantity, but almost every relationship begins with an exchange of value often marked by some series of back-and-forth interactions. My guest today, Keith Hartnett, the Founder and CEO of Better World Products, knows all about the power of … Continued

RTNP 67 | How You Be

Episode 67: How You Be Influences What You Do With Townsend Wardlaw

  Have you ever considered how you “be” directly influences all that you “do”? It’s an interesting concept – one that requires some serious brain yoga to wrap your head around. See, if you follow today’s guest’s approach, you have the capacity to create every moment in your life. How you show up in life … Continued

Alyson Caffree from Operations Ageency

Episode 66: Systems Optimizations – The Key To Scaling Your Business With Alyson Caffrey

    When you start a business, systems optimization isn’t usually top of mind when it comes to priorities. However, if you want to scale and grow, you need to have processes in place for your team to follow. Today’s guest is Alyson Caffrey, the Founder and CEO of Operations Agency. Her goal is to … Continued

Jeff Kinsey from The Logos Group

Episode 65: Mindset Shifts For Leaders – How To Stop Suffering With Jeff Kinsey

  Nietzsche is quoted as saying, “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” But what if the suffering itself was optional? What if you can shift your mindset to look forward instead of back? This concept is what today’s guest, Jeff Kinsey, and your host, Stu Swineford, have … Continued

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RTNP 61 | Nonprofit Revenue Streams

Ep 61: Rethink Your Nonprofit’s Revenue Streams With Regeanie Corona From Advancing The Seed

    When you’re trying to scale and grow, it can be daunting to think about all the moving parts that need to fall into place for your organization to reach the next level. Fundraising, messaging, outreach, hiring, infrastructure—all of these compound to create a lot of stress. That is, if you haven’t mapped out … Continued