About Us

We’ve been around the proverbial block. Been there. Done that. Let’s do it again.

Relish Studio helps put your plans in motion.

Founded in the mid 2000s, Relish Studio brings thoughtful branding; creative, digital solutions; and targeted traffic to clients from a wide range of verticals. We architect customized solutions to help businesses amplify their brand and deliver their messages to an audience that is ready to listen. Our philosophy is simple: Craft creative, digital solutions that put your company’s best foot forward. And we all know that is the direction you want to drive your business. Get in touch today to put your plans in motion. We enhance your online presence through our unique blend of services:

Relish Studio devises custom solutions to enhance your brand, present your message, and reach your target audience. We’re individuals grounded in digital solutions and best practices, and we’re here to help your business grow. Our viewpoint toward projects – branding, design, development, and traffic generation – is not about us throwing around the latest and greatest buzzwords. We’re here to offer you well-thought-out solutions to your needs and to deliver on those solutions. Connect with us to learn more.

The Team

Stuart Swineford

Stuart Bio PicturePartner – Client Services

Role: Keeps projects moving in the right direction; design and consumer-facing development; strategy, interface, and SEO/SEM monkey.

When away from the screen: Runs stupid-long distances – even when not being chased. Skis in the winter and rides bikes when the snow isn't flying. Volunteers with the Colorado House Rabbit Society.

Fun facts: Lives at 9000' with his wife, Rachel, and their menagerie of pets. Finished the Leadville Trail 100 with only limited crying. Cinephile. Wacky vegan.

Bret Orton

Bret Bio PicturePartner – Development

Role: Architects, builds, and sees through product development; provides technical support and guidance; development, technology, and overall implementation specialist.

When away from the screen: Tends to the typical suburban house duties which include yard maintenance (pooper scooping) for a black Labrador named Maddy. Spends time puttering around in his workshop and will eventually build something. Attempts archery with a recurve bow sometimes.

Fun facts: Has a B.A. in Journalism from the Univerity of Denver. Mixed up those creative juices to write code. Starts every morning with a blended concoction consisting of various fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients that seem edible.

John Bailey

Stuart Bio PictureDigital Marketing Specialist

Role: Boosts clients’ search engine rankings and reaches out via social media to better communicate with our followers and fans.

When away from the screen: Hops in the mountain bike for a lunch ride. Runs half marathons for no particular reason. When the snow is flying, the snowshoes come out.

Fun Facts: Moved to Colorado on a whim. “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” - Warren Buffet.

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American Chiropractic AssociationAt Relish Studio, we’re proud to be affiliated with the American Chiropractic Association. We are excited to offer the ACA and their members’ access to our broad range of services. As an Affinity Marketing Partner with the ACA, we are pleased to offer exclusive savings to ACA members. Access the ACA Member offerings.